The situation on Monday: What Bitcoin can do

Kaspersky uncovered an extremely audacious cryptoscam – the authors suspect the security researchers in North Korea. Meanwhile, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse puts big words into his mouth while Thailand is working on its own crypto currency. In the meantime, BitMEX users who have been put off by the news rage on Twitter. And all because of Bitcoin. The situation on Monday.

Bitcoin can do one thing above all else: stir things up. And that slowly but surely spills over into all directions. While all the traders and hodlers are looking spellbound at the Bitcoin course, Heiko Maas, for example, has – even if unintentionally – made a plea for crypto currencies. At least that’s how we interpret it. Speaking of political affairs: Thailand is currently working on its own crypto currencies – quite similar to the neighbouring Liechtenstein. The latter crown the whole thing with a security token, and the stable ground for an extensive adaptation of the blockchain technology is ready. And what has all this set in motion? To a large extent, Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, with which he wanted one thing above all: to stir up the global financial system.

The thing with Bitcoin loophole

Now that we’ve been to the creator of this great architecture called Bitcoin: It looks like he, she or it isn’t a Bitcoin loophole millionaire after all and not a scam. The BitMEX stock exchange, which has meanwhile fallen into disrepute, wants to have found out all this. And shortly after they presented their research results, there was a scandal. After an (apparently announced) pause in reconstruction, the stock exchange, on which derivatives for crypto currencies are traded, was suddenly under a DDOS attack. The result: users could not log in. Afterwards manipulation accusations arose quite fast – some users might look around now for alternatives. Especially since the farce happened by chance when BitMEX moved to the most expensive offices in the world. Whether coincidence or not, it turns out that Bitcoin can do one thing above all else: stir up.

Even the good old US stock exchange supervisory authority still has its hands full with the crypto currency. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission eagerly put its bureaucratic heads together, the regulatory soup still doesn’t really succeed. After the temporary cancellation of the Bitcoin ETF, the SEC quickly decided to change its mind again: „You might want to reconsider the whole thing.

The Bitcoin course

What about the Bitcoin class? It is relatively unimpressed, especially compared to last year. (If you can say something like that about prices). Thus it could register a gentle plus of scarcely five per cent within the last week. He is thus staggering slightly upwards between the US$ 6,000 and 7,000 mark and – quite the opposite to his environment – is not too upset. As always, you can read about the current state of the Bitcoin exchange rate and all the others here. We wish you a good start into the week: