Stability of the Top 10

Bitcoin has „not even“ risen by ten percent this week – which is not a bad development. In principle, the Bitcoin price moves in a stable upward trend and is above the exponential moving averages EMA50 and EMA100. On April 21, the price entered a triangle pattern. The resistance of this pattern is currently being tested.

Winners and losers in the Bitcoin secret price slump

A positive but falling MACD and an RSI at 65 lead to an overall bullish impression. Instead of opening a long directly, one should rather wait for a Bitcoin secret rise according to onlinebetrug above the resistance at 7.350,87 Euro or a bounce at the support of the triangle pattern at about 7.121,00 Euro and then enter. A useful stop loss would then be the resistance or the support, in the latter case the first target would be 7,350.87 Euro.

After all, the gap between EOS and Litecoin is ten percent. The gap between Cardano and Litecoin is also 13 per cent. Finally, the gap between Cardano and Stellar is much narrower at eight per cent.

For something to change in the structure of the top 10, at least 11 per cent must be overcome. The Monero share price rose by 45 percent last week, so such an increase is not completely unlikely. Since NEO also performed rather poorly this week, this possibility cannot be ruled out.

On average, all crypto currencies have risen by 28 percent. The majority of crypto currencies thus performed better than Bitcoin. For the top 100, the result is clearer: with an average increase of 33 percent, the exchange rates developed better than Bitcoin.

The largest price gains were made primarily by crypto currencies with smaller market capital: Pundi X, Dentacoin and Bitcoin Private tripled or doubled their prices. In total, ten more crypto currencies were able to achieve price gains of over 50 percent.

Worst price performance: Bitcoin

The „losers“ of the week are Tether and Verge. Tether did what you’d expect from a stable coin and didn’t change course at all. Verge, on the other hand, suffered a price loss of 17 percent. This development was foreseeable, such an announcement pumping, as it took place around the co-operation with Pornhub, lured all those, which want to take only the pump with them. Overall, only eight percent of the crypto currencies within the top 100 have a worse performance than Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s market share has fallen accordingly and now amounts to 37.9 percent.